Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Secret of Bert Seale’s Success

Bert Seale
it should surprise no one that golf instructor Bert Seale doesn’t believe it was enough to for him to have developed a complete and effective technique for teaching golfers that is innovative and fresh. He is intent on spreading that technique and his other teaching method, to all corners of the world. That was a key reason he founded the Seale School for Golf some years ago and why its program is so comprehensive. He is used to training professional golfers and he wants to train as many as possible. 

The program at the Seale School features just a couple of days of workshops, followed by at least three full months of hands-on student instruction. That is because Bert Seale and the people he has recruited to be him at his school want golfers to succeed. This is obvious when you consider the audit and evaluation they perform on each student on the very first day of instruction. This analysis, which was developed by Bert Seale, establishes the student’s current skill benchmark and it is used to discover which techniques will be most effective. 

To evaluate these students, the Seale School uses a mental chart analysis, background overview, pre-tournament sequences and identification of the various motivational factors. This is because the school is based on his vaunted “closed-eye technique.” Bert Seale developed this complete and proven technique years ago, and he has been using it successfully for more than 18 years. By using this technique, thousands of golfers all over the world now play better and have a lot more fun and many of them are on the PGA Tour. That is why he started the Seale Golf School; . He wants everyone to have as much fun as possible playing golf and the best way to do that is to make sure they can play their best game.